Product Visualization Services
Pre-Visualization Showcase. Image Rendering: Seat Cordoba 2003 by Philip Chudy and Dru Abrams.
Illustration and Rendering Services
3D modeled space with a global illumination lighting model. Image Rendering: by Dru Abrams.
VFX and Particle Animation
2022 Redux. Original scene files remastered in HD 1080P with added volumetric and particle rain/puddle effects. Image Rendering: by Dru Abrams.
Mechanical Design and Illustration
3D pre-visualization of pre-production furniture design by Jay Friedman created from ortho drawing. Modeling and Image Rendering: by Persistent Visions.
Television Commercial Pre-Visualization
This scene used 3D Modeling and Animation tools to flythrough scene: Modeling and Image Rendering: by Dru Abrams.
Draft Renders of Immersive Spaces
3D pre-viz of public space floorplan. 3D Modeling and Rendering by Persistent Visions.
3D Modeling 360 Turntable
This project featured a low-polygon count base model upscaled at render for more use versatility during animation and LOD output resultion requirements. 3D Modeling and Rendering by Persistent Visions.
3D Animation
Frame from animation of driving sequence.
Tradeshow Booth Design
Travelers411 tradeshow booth design 2022 Redux. Image by Persistent Visions.
Architectural Rendering
Courtyard Architectural Design Rendering by Persistent Visions. Modeling and Image Rendering by 3D Artist and Programmer Dru Abrams.
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